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    The Low Down on Projector Screens

    June 5th, 2020
    When most people think of picture quality in a media room they go straight to the projector. While this choice is super important the screen is equal if not more important than the projector you choose. In addition how the two mate together is a…

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    Give Life to Music and Witness Music Change Your Life

    May 31st, 2020
    Do you enjoy listening to music? Are you a human being with a pulse? Then yes, chances are you enjoy listening to music. Music is simply in our DNA. Humans have been making music as far back and much further than recorded history can tell us. Go…

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    Interview with Lee from The Install Spot

    May 20th, 2020
    Lee M. Lancon Lee M. Lancon from The Install Spot discusses audiovisual design for smart home systems The world of integrated smart home systems is growing rapidly as people discover the modern convenience these installations offer them in…

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    Lee Talks Tech with Sony’s 2020 TVs

    May 18th, 2020
    Sony’s middle of the range 9xx series has always provided an amazing bang for the buck and the 2020 X950H is no exception. It really hits a sweet spot by hitting that affordable price point with top of the line features. I am a…

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    Exploring the Advantages of a Professionally Designed Network for Your Home

    May 5th, 2020
    If you’re intrigued by home automation trends like video doorbells, keyless entry, and remotely monitored thermostats, you should know that smart home tech’s foundation is a managed home network. There are a myriad of advantages of a…

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    The Install Spot compares 4k to 8k. Whats the big difference?

    May 5th, 2020
    It may not be essential, but many of us are eager to get one of the best TVs to match our needs, whether that be for the latest hockey game or to watch Paw Patrol with the kids. Created and distributed by many popular brands such as Sony,…

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    The Benefits of Lighting Control

    April 13th, 2020
    If you need to sit down every time you open your residential or business electric bill, you’re not alone. For residential homes in the US, the average monthly cost is over $111 USD, and businesses are six times that, reaching an average of…

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