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    Is your internet connection struggling? Are you having slow speeds? Tired of seeing the loading wheel when you watch Netflix? Look no further. We have the solutions to get you running perfectly.

    Most folks think that your WiFi and home networking solution are given to you by your internet service provider a.k.a. your ISP. AT&T, Frontier, Spectrum, and Cox are some examples of ISP’s that you may be familiar with. Sure, they provide you with a router that will give you a WiFi signal but, their job stops there. The only real role they play is getting you an internet connection. When it comes to a proper strong connection throughout the home, this is not their duty and unfortunately this information is far from common knowledge.

    The router that you are supplied with is often not nearly enough to cover your home throughout. Especially if you are in a larger home or if you have a large number of wireless connections. The average home in America today has somewhere around 30+ wireless connections.

    This is where we come in with solutions that provide you with rock solid performance, maximizing the use of the internet connection that you have. We have a number of best practices that we implement as well as making sure you have the proper hardware in place for what you need. From robust network switches allowing you to hardwire all of your stationary devices, to strategically placed Wireless Access Points allowing you to have the best wireless connections possible throughout the home. We will make sure you have the best performance possible. All covered by our On The Spot Service.

    What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

    “The Install Spot has done all of my Audio Visual work since the first time they did a project for me back in 2007. I cannot say enough good things about Lee and The Install Spot. They are completely confident in all areas of Audio Visual Technology and are totally trustworthy. I highly recommend him and his team for any project you may be considering.”

    “I’ve worked with A/V guys in the past and they always seem to fall short of expectation. When my neighbor suggested I call Lee at The Install Spot I was expecting more of the same. He came over for the site visit to discuss options and I was blown away. Needless to say we went forward with our project and have been using The Install Spot ever since!!!!”

    "Derrick, was very on the spot with everything he told me and the installation and final product was exactly as I was told it would be! The install was clean and very easy."

    "The Install Spot was the right company for what my husband and I were looking for. We were fortunate enough to work with Derrick. He was professional, timely, and listened to what our wishes were. You cannot go wrong with this company. I would highly recommend them for all of your install needs!"

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    Plano, TX

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    Southlake, TX

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    Flower Mound, TX

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