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    Give Life to Music and Witness Music Change Your Life

    Do you enjoy listening to music? Are you a human being with a pulse? Then yes, chances are you enjoy listening to music. Music is simply in our DNA. Humans have been making music as far back and much further than recorded history can tell us. Go to any culture, any civilization, any tribe or collection of people of any kind throughout the history of mankind, and you will find people organizing the chaos of a beat, rhythm, and melody ultimately creating music.

    What is music? We all know the answer but let’s unpack this. Music is a pure form of artistic expression. So many different thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions can be conveyed through the vehicle that is music. Music and the artists that have created it have influenced entire generations through thought provocation and creativity. And the more that time continues to go on, the evidence is more and more clear that artists will never stop creating music because again, it is simply who we are.

    Music is sound of course, but what is sound? Sound is the movement of unseen waves to the eardrum. Sound can only be created by mechanical energy, period. It cannot be created in any other way. It is an analog wavelength that can only be produced through a form of contact. “There is nothing more noble or useful than the study of acoustic or mechanical science.” Leonardo Di Vinci.

    Most people in the world we live in today have different reasons for listening to music. The most common purposes or reasons are plentiful yet, still exclusive to each listener. From exercising, to driving, working, cleaning, whatever it may be, people love to have music playing while they do whatever it is that they are doing. The platforms or ways to obtain and consume music are just as plentiful as the artists who create music. From car stereos to headphones and earbuds, to your Amazon Alexa, there are tons of ways to listen to music today.

    Now, do you ever just sit down and do nothing else but listen to music? Well, if all I was listening to music on was an Amazon Alexa, I would not either. That experience is nothing even remotely close to going to a concert or a live performance. When you are there in the same room with the artists as they play their personal creations, you are moved. That experience elicits an emotional response in its listeners. Life is literally given to music in these types of environments.

    What about your home environment? Does your favorite artist impact you at home in the same way as when you see them live? What if I told you that it can? This is available to you in so many different form factors. All you have to do is give a little life to the system that plays your music. If you are wondering what I mean and you have an interest, I am telling you that you need a real music system. In the custom audio/ video world, we typically refer to this as a real stereo or a two-channel system. Don’t worry with those semantics, and let’s just refer to it as a real music system for now.

    Great artists oftentimes do a wonderful job at getting all the details of their instruments and voices recorded. Yet, so often, most listeners are completely unaware that their favorite band, singer, drummer, or guitar

    player has given them so much more than what they have heard. Time after time, I have heard music lovers exclaim emphatically while listening to their favorite band on their new music system that they are “hearing things they have never heard before”. While hearing these new details is cool and fun, the action that is really taking place is just like at the concert. Life has been given to music. Real music systems have the percussive ability to replicate music and the sounds that combine to create it precisely as the artist intended it. Ultimately leading you, the listener, to a much more thought-provoking and emotional experience. Furthermore, changing your life in a way that you did not know it could before. This is the difference between hearing the music and feeling the music. From a different and more meaningful perspective than stated before, life is given to music by you, the listener. That much is a two-way street.

    Do you want to know more? Do you want to experience a real music system? Contact us today and book an appointment in our showroom and prepare to be impacted by what artists intended you to have.

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